Agoraphobia Explained

Agoraphobia is much too common among humans. These people fear public places and open spaces. They will avoid entering shops, crowds, public places, public transportation, being in a restaurant, cinema, bridge, or elevator. These all step from one underlying fear. This is the fear of being in a place where there is no help for them. They are not able to escape to a safe place. This is the basis of this type of phobia. This is different from a specific phobia like scopophobia, the fear of being scared at.

Types of Vaginal Infections

Bacterial Vaginosis is a type of infection that happens to the vagina. This is caused by an imbalance in the normal growth of bacteria inside of the vagina. The actual reason that this imbalance occurs is not well known. Trichomoniasis is a type of infection that is caused by a single cell parasite. This parasite is called trichomonas vaginalis. This is a sexually transmitted disease. Gonorrhea, another STD, results from the bacteria known as neisseria gonorrhoeae. You can learn more about vaginal infections when you visit today.

What’s It Called When I Fear Sex?

Genophobia or coitophobia is the irrational fear of sexual intercourse. This can also sometimes be called erotophobia. These sufferers will experience extreme anxiety when they are faced with a sexual situation. Many of them have no problem with physical contact as far as kissing or cuddling, however when things get pushed towards sex they tend to freak out. Many will even experience full blown panic attacks when this occurs. You can learn more about this condition when you visit

Tips For Prolonging Sex

When it comes to sex, everybody wants it. And everybody wants it to last for a longtime. There is only one problem. This is that our bodies don’t always allow us to keep at it as long as we want to. This is especially true for men.

How to prolong sex is a common question. We have a few quick solutions for you that can work tonight. Yes tonight! Penis numbing spray is a great option. Just a quick spray before engaging in sexual intercourse can provide a slight numbing feel of the genitals during sex. This allows your body to continue to last much longer that it usually would.

Desensitizing cream for men is another one of our best recommendations. This works much similar to the spray, however instead of spraying it on, you rub it on. These work as a great lubricant as well. The option is pretty much up to the guy and what they feel most comfortable using.